A collection of articles to help you sell, buy and let.

Stamp Duty - the winners and losers

December 3 2014

Who will benefit and who represents the 2% of homeowners that will pay more following the Chancellor’s announcement today?

House prices – exciting times ahead

October 14 2014

Last week we heard that the property market is starting to cool and that house price inflation has peaked. There are many commentators, despite the increase in September, who believe that house prices will fall next year and the market will get tougher.

Innovation is key to business success

September 18 2014

Some businesses just have the founding entrepreneurs and others a more diverse board with variable skills and background.

Breaking down barriers - communication is king!

September 18 2014

With all of the technology that exists today are there really any barriers to communication?

A market bouyant with buyers

September 15 2014

According to the Council for Mortgage Lenders, July saw the highest number of first-time buyers take out mortgages since before the credit crisis hit.

How long to sell your house?

September 15 2014

The time to sell has dropped significantly over the last year although there are differences from region to region throughout the UK.

Flexible working: Do Estate Agents care?

September 1 2014

It has long been the case that many estate agents just fall into the industry. Usually it is very early in people’s career, their first or second job.

Property portals: Who are the winners and the losers?

July 29 2014

The recent announcement by Zoopla that they intend to float on the London Stock Exchange has created an excitement in the city and within the property industry.

Navigating the mortgage maze

July 8 2014

Figuring out how to navigate the mortgage maze is a must if you're thinking about becoming a first-time buyer.

Going the extra mile

July 1 2014

Like most estate agents, Purplebricks rely to a large extent on word of mouth - we love to get good reviews from sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants.

Will renting replace the
property ladder?

June 23 2014

Many people now feel that renting will become ‘the norm’ in the UK, much like the rest of Europe.

House prices - have they peaked?

June 23 2014

I reported a few weeks ago that the time was fast approaching to sell, sell, sell. I predicted that interest rates will rise by the end of the year and the widening gap between wages and house prices would mean the market would cool.

Does ‘24 hour estate agency’ really matter?

June 23 2014

What benefits does ‘the world’s first 24/7 estate agency' really bring to the consumer?

Estate agency has changed

May 12 2014

Sellers and Landlords are reported to be unhappy with the service they receive for the fee they pay and want things to change.

Could a pint in the pub reduce your chances of getting a mortgage?

April 28 2014

The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review regulations has created speculation and uncertainty.

Returns are still strong for student accommodation

April 22 2014

The student market is about to get under way for the 2014 intake, so is the time right to diversify into the lucrative student market?

Make the high street part of the community again

April 14 2014

In many ways you can get a real feel for an area by the nature of their high street.

Convenience = being available when your customer needs you!

April 9 2014

'Customer experience' is very much the term of the moment - but take a closer look..

Property investment to become no. 1 retirement hobby?

April 9 2014

The floodgates could well and truly be opened in the buy to let market.

Burst the balloon, not the bubble

April 2 2014

The London property market is no longer a ‘bubble’ - it's a balloon that has risen above the rest of the UK.

Deposit, Deposit, Deposit...

April 2 2014

Location is old news - these days for most of us it's all about the deposit.

Why do people dislike estate agents?

March 20 2014

Why are estate agents right up there with bankers in the UK public's estimation?

The high street of the future?

March 20 2014

Why do agents continue to buy expensivbloce high street premises?

When £5,000 suddenly isn't a lot of money

March 20 2014

If you are selling a home for around £240,000, you'd have to pay a traditional estate agent about £5,000.

Is there anybody there?

March 20 2014

A website can be frustrating unless it's supported by exceptional customer service.