Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Is Purplebricks a successful global real estate brand?
Yes. Since it started trading in the UK in 2014, it has grown into a $1.5bn company, operating in the UK, Australia and now launching in the US, starting in California. Purplebricks is selling more houses than any other real estate brokerage in the UK and rapidly growing in Australia (launched in 2016). Our way of operating has already proven highly competitive, delivering a better but less expensive service for buyers and sellers of real estate.
How does Purplebricks make money when they are saving home-sellers thousands in commission?
The proprietary software system we have developed saves our real estate agents (we call them Local Real Estate Experts) huge amounts of time and allows communication to happen in real time, avoiding unnecessary delays. This allows our agents to operate efficiently in the field working with homebuyers and sellers, eliminating the need for traditional branch offices, allowing us to pass cost savings on to our consumers. Furthermore, our marketing and advertising campaigns provide all the listings opportunities, so our Local Real Estate Experts don't have to spend a big proportion of their time soliciting new leads. They spend their time doing what they are good at and what they love… helping people buy and sell their homes. This means they can sell more houses more quickly than a traditional broker while providing superior customer service.
What is the incentive for Purplebricks to sell my property?
As well as advertising extensively, we also rely on word of mouth to get new listings. If you think we've done a good job, you'll be more likely to recommend us to your family and friends. There's no better incentive than the promise of more business. This is proven with over 50,000 independent consumer reviews on Trustpilot who have had an outstanding experience with Purplebricks.
Do I have to pay upfront to list my home for sale?
No. You don't have to pay anything until your property is sold or until 6 months has elapsed. In the unlikely event that your property hasn't sold after 6 months we will still market the property until it is sold and only at that point would you pay the buy-side fees.
Are your local real estate experts licensed and how experienced are they?
Yes, they are all licensed full time real estate professionals and most have many years of experience. That doesn't stop us hiring an exceptional agent who may have only 4 years experience though.
Am I more likely to get a better price for my property with a traditional Real Estate Agent?
No. The process we follow puts a lot of emphasis on analyzing local market trends and determining the actual sale price of comparable properties to your own. We will visit your home, provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) and talk to you about aspects, which may affect its potential value. We market all our properties on the MLS and on major portals such as Zillow, Realtor and as well as the Purplebricks website. We will work tirelessly to get you the best price possible, by reaching the most qualified buyers.
If my property is already on the market, can I use Purplebricks?
No, if your property is already listed with a licensed real estate brokerage in the multiple listing service (MLS), you'd have to ask for an unconditional withdrawal to list exclusively with Purplebricks.
Do you ever release my personal contact details or information?
We only release personal details with your knowledge and to facilitate and enable a sale/purchase to proceed. We do not release your details to any unconnected third parties.
Do you work with buyers and sellers?
Yes, our Local Real Estate Experts specialize in working with buyers and sellers and know their local market intimately.
Can you really give me support 24/7?
Yes – You can contact your Local Real Estate Expert outside of conventional working hours. And even if they are not available (everyone's got to sleep), they have a multilingual team of colleagues who are there to support you 24/7 when you need it.
Selling My Property
Is there a full-service local real estate expert assigned?
Yes, you will have a dedicated Local Licensed Real Estate Expert who will be with you from listing to closing, aided by a team who are there to help you 24/7 should you have an inquiry and when a sale is agreed a team who offer dedicated post-sales support.
Will I receive maximum market exposure?
Yes – All our properties will be shown on a number of real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia and as well as on and your home will also be placed on the MLS.
Who manages my showings?
You will be able to specify the times that you would prefer showings to happen and you can make changes to this whenever you like. If an agent wants to bring a potential buyer for a showing, they simply pick a free slot. On occasion you may also be contacted to see whether a slot you have marked as unavailable can be made available for a particular buyer.
Are buyers pre-qualified?
Yes, our Local Real Estate Experts request buyers are pre-qualified before homes. This ensures they are qualified and from a buyer perspective, allows them to determine the most appropriate price range to search.
Is there a yard-sign and lockbox provided?
Yes. This is included in the price.
Do we charge a buy-side fee?
Yes. Our aim is to ensure that buy agents are incentivized to introduce the maximum number of prospective buyers. It is all about generating more competition which often helps to drive up the price achieved. The buy-side fee is only payable at closing. In fact, buyers represented by a Purplebricks LREE may be eligible to receive $1,000 at closing. You could also benefit from this if you assign Purplebricks as your buyer agent when looking for your new home.
What happens if I do not sell my property?
We will continue to market your property under the terms (listing period) of the service agreement. Although, you may re-list your property with us until it sells.
If I list with Purplebricks is this an Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement?
Yes. If you list with Purplebricks and you find the buyer of your property, or if another broker finds a buyer, you are still required to pay the agreed Seller fee to Purplebricks.
Can I speak to someone at Purplebricks before I arrange a listing appointment?
You can contact Purplebricks at anytime, 24/7 on 888-822-8008. You can also contact the Local Real Estate Expert for your area by visiting our website and getting their contact details or giving us a call.
Can I list with Purplebricks without scheduling an appointment for a valuation?
Yes, you can sign up to list your home online with Purplebricks today or after you meet with our Local Real Estate Expert.
Can I see all of my showings, feedback and offers?
Yes. These are updated in real time. Just simply access your Purplebricks performance report on your desktop or mobile, or through our app. You can see all of this information on the platform 24/7.
When do I pay my fees and how do I make payment?
You can either pay the Sell Side fee on the sale of your home, after 6 months from appointing us as your Broker or when you withdraw the Property from the market, whichever happens sooner – so you can 'pay later' or you can just pay on appointment 'pay now'. The choice is yours. You don't pay the Buy Side fee until closing. You will pay the Buy Side fee through your escrow or title on closing.
If I choose to pay later, do I need to enter into a separate agreement?
No. You will agree to make payment in accordance with our service agreement.
Can I cancel my agreement with Purplebricks or receive a refund?
You are entitled to cancel or withdraw any Products and Services at the end of the Listing Period. You will not be entitled to a full or part credit in respect of the Sell Side fee or if due the Buy Side fee. If you withdraw and you have not yet sold you may relist the Property during the time you are living there.
Do you hold my credit card or debit card details?
No, we don't hold these details. Where we ask for your credit or debit card details the information will be held by the card provider, not by us.
Buying a Property with Purplebricks
What are the benefits to using a Purplebricks buyer agent when purchasing a home?
The key benefits are the speed and efficiency of communication, which is enabled by our online platform coupled with the quality of our Local Real Estate Experts. We only employ the best Local Real Estate Experts and they will negotiate the most favorable terms and price while helping you navigate through the closing process. And then there's an incentive of $1,000 paid at closing that we give to eligible buyers if you have used a Purplebricks buyer agent.
Is there a fee to use a Purplebricks buyer agent?
No, not for the buyer. We even give you $1,000 on closing subject to eligibility criteria. Please see our 'Terms of Service' for details. For the seller, there is the standard fee to a buy agent (typically 2 – 3%, offered through the MLS) that is payable on closing so as to ensure that the greatest number of buyers are being introduced.
How do I arrange for Purplebricks to be my buy agent?
Simply go to the Purplebricks website where you will see the Local Real Estate Expert in the areas where you wish to purchase a home. You can appoint them online by selecting the properties you want to view and you will then be given the opportunity to appoint your professional buy-side Real Estate Expert to help you throughout the whole process. You can of course call us 24/7 to discuss your requirements on 888-822-8008.
Can I view a property listed on Purplebricks without having assigned a buy agent?
A buy agent is free to the buyer, so if you want to view one of our properties, we would simply act as your buy agent (“dual agency relationship”). Our Purplebricks buyer agent would work with you through the home-buying process and you would also qualify to receive $1,000 at closing for choosing to use one of our agents. Please see our 'Terms of Service' for details.
What happens if I want to use a Purplebricks agent in an area you do not cover?
We can provide you with a recommendation for another agent, but this wouldn't include the $1,000 Buyer Rebate payment on closing.
Can I use more than one buy agent?
Possibly, once you select a Purplebricks buyer agent you could work with this individual or other members on their team. You need to review the terms of any agreement with another Broker in advance.
If I make an initial offer online, is it legally binding on
No, when you make an offer and the offer is accepted it is agreed subject to signing off on a legally binding agreement. A deposit is usually required in every instance.

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