Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
I’ve seen your commercials but I’ve never heard of you before. Are you new around here?
We were founded in the U.K. in 2014. Since then, we’ve expanded to Australia (2016) and to the U.S. (2017) and Canada (2018). Currently, we’re selling more houses than any other real estate brokerage in the UK, and our U.S. and Australia offices continue to grow rapidly.
How does Purplebricks work?
If you choose to buy or sell with Purplebricks, you’ll have a dedicated local agent who will be with you from listing to closing, aided by a team who are there to help you 24/7. Your agent and our wider team will be here for you should you have an inquiry. As a seller, you’ll pay a low, fixed fee upon the successful sale of your home that is likely much lower than a traditional seller’s-agent commission. When a sale is agreed upon, our team can often provide post-sale support, including any necessary escrow services (Post-sale services are dependent on location; ask your agent or our customer service representative for details.).
Your fees are so much lower than traditional agent commissions. How can you possibly make a profit?
We provide in-house marketing and advertising services to our agents so they don’t have to spend their valuable time looking for new clients. In addition, the proprietary software system we have developed saves our real estate agents significant amounts of time by allowing communication to happen in real time, without unnecessary delays. These methods allow our agents to operate efficiently in the field working with homebuyers and sellers, eliminating the need for traditional branch offices and allowing us to pass cost savings on to our customers.
Are your agents licensed? How experienced are they?
Yes, they are all licensed full-time real estate professionals dedicated to delivering an outstanding experience for all of the communities and customers they proudly serve.
Do you ever release my personal contact details or information?
We only release personal details with your knowledge and to enable a sale or purchase to proceed. We never release your details to any unconnected third parties. Read complete full privacy policy here.
Do you work with buyers and sellers?
Yes, our agents specialize in working with buyers and sellers and know their local markets extremely well from both perspectives.
How do I find an agent?
You can find your local agent by typing your zip code into the agent search on our website. From there, you can book an appointment with your local agent online. You can also call 888-822-8008 and one of our central agents will connect you with a local agent in your area.
Do you hold my credit card or debit card details?
No, we don’t hold these details. In any / every instance where we ask for your credit or debit card details, the information will be held by the card provider, not by us.
Selling My Property
With seller’s fees so low (compared to a traditional commission) why would an agent be motivated to sell my home?
Our agents are only paid upon successful sale of your home. In addition, they value the basic tenet that better experiences lead to better reviews, which leads to more customers and even more successful transactions. For our agents, then, there’s no better incentive than the promise of more business. Our success with this model has been proven with more than 1200 independent outstanding consumer reviews on Trustpilot.
Do I have to pay upfront to list my home for sale?
No. We operate under a “success fee” model. This means, you don’t pay your low, fixed fee until your home is successfully sold; no exceptions, no fine print.
What happens if my property doesn’t sell?
If your property doesn’t sell after our standard agency contract period, there’s no fee to be paid. You will be free to list your home with another agent subject to the correct cancellation process. If you choose to continue with Purplebricks, We’ll continue to market your home until we’re successful in selling it, at which point the fee will be due at the point of closing. There’s no time limit on the sale of your property.
Am I more likely to get a better price for my property with a traditional real estate agent?
No. Our agents are committed to getting you the best price for your home. Our agents analyze local market trends and determine the actual sale price of comparable properties to your own. We will visit your home, provide a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) and talk to you about aspects which may affect its potential value. The bottom line? We do everything a traditional agent would do and more in the effort to get you the best price possible.
Will my home get maximum market exposure?
Yes. We market all of our properties on your local MLS and major portals such as Zillow, and as well as the Purplebricks website in an attempt to reach the most qualified buyers.
If my property is already on the market, can I use Purplebricks?
Sadly, no. (At least, not without some additional effort.) if your property is already listed with a licensed real estate brokerage in the multiple listing service (MLS), you'd have to ask for an unconditional release or cancellation to list exclusively with Purplebricks.
Who manages my showings?
You can manage the scheduling of your showings through your MyPurplebricks dashboard. Our customer service team is also available by phone to help. In addition, if you’re selling, buyer’s agents can access your schedule to arrange a tour of your home for a potential buyer.
Are buyers pre-qualified?
Our agents request that buyers are pre-qualified before they begin a buying process with Purplebricks. This allows them to determine the most appropriate price range to search.
Is there a yard sign and a lock box provided?
Yes, this is all included in the price, which is not paid until your home successfully sells. If your home does not successfully sell in the contract period, you will not be charged for the yard sign, lock box (or anything else, for that matter).
I’m a seller. What sort of fees will I be expected to pay?
In addition to the low, fixed fee for your agent (paid upon successful sale), you’ll be expected to pay the traditional buyer’s-agent commission at closing (typically 2%-3% offered through the MLS). It’s important to pay the buy-side commission, as this ensures buyer’s agents will bring prospective buyers to your home.
Doesn’t the buy-side commission fee cut into my overall savings?
If you’re a seller, the low, fixed fee applied to your listing combined with the traditional buy-side agent commission is still likely to help you save thousands on your entire transaction. That’s because the fixed fee is often much lower than the traditional sell-side agent commission you’d expect to pay with a traditional brokerage. To see what your fee will be (and how much you can save) visit our savings calculator here.
Why don’t you offer a low fixed fee for buyer’s agent commissions?
Our aim is to ensure that buyer’s agents are incentivized to introduce the maximum number of prospective buyers to your home. It’s all about generating more competition, which often helps to drive up the price, increasing your profitability.
If I list with Purplebricks, can I list with anyone else at the same time?
By law (and similar to a traditional brokerage transaction), listing with Purplebricks constitutes an exclusive Right to Sell agreement. If you list with Purplebricks and you find the buyer of your property, or if another broker finds a buyer, you are still required to pay the low, fixed fee to Purplebricks upon successful sale.
Can I list with Purplebricks without scheduling a listing appointment?
Yes. You can sign up to list your home online without meeting with an agent first. However, we strongly recommend booking a free, no-obligation listing appointment before listing your home, in order to get the maximum value from your low fixed fee and selling experience. A listing appointment includes such integral components as a comparables analysis by your agent, an assessment of your home’s value and advice on your home’s listing price based on these factors. During the listing appointment, an agent can also advise on possible staging or improvements that can help maximize the profit on your sale.
Do I have to pay upfront to list my home?
No, you do not have to pay the low, flat listing fee until (and only if) your property is successfully sold.
Can I cancel my agreement with Purplebricks?
You are entitled to cancel or withdraw any products and services at the end of the listing period determined in your listing agreement.
Buying a Property with Purplebricks
What are the benefits to using a Purplebricks buyer’s agent when purchasing a home?
Purplebricks agents go above and beyond the traditional real estate agent experience to provide exceptional attention and customer service from the first meeting to closing. We are local, transparent, responsive, extensively trained and are experts in contract negotiation.
I’m a buyer. Is there a fee to use a Purplebricks buyer’s agent?
No, as a buyer, there is no fee for using a Purplebricks buyer’s agent.
I’m ready to buy a home. How do I arrange for someone from Purplebricks to be my agent?
It’s easy: Just head to the Purplebricks website and click on “Our Agents” in the main menu. From there, you’ll enter in the zip code you’d like to buy a home in. After submitting your zip code, your agent’s name will appear, as well as a prompt to call to set up an appointment, Alternatively, you can call 888-822-8008 to schedule an appointment with the agent assigned to your area.
What if there’s no agent assigned to my area?
If no agents are currently assigned to your area, our customer service team will attempt to match you with a recommended non-Purplebricks agent.
Can I use more than one buyer’s agent?
You could, but we wouldn’t advise it. Every licensed agent has the same access to the multiple listing service, so any buyer’s agent can show you all the available properties for sale. However it’s important to have one trusted advocate, devoted to you, to take you through the buying process thoughtfully and impartially.
If I make an offer on or through the Purplebricks app, is it legally binding?
No, your offer will not be legally binding until after it is accepted and you are presented with a legally binding agreement to sign.

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